2 people shot dead in the parking lot by North Aurora Woodman – CBS Chicago

NORTH AURORA, Ill. (CBS) – North Aurora Police interviewed three people Tuesday night who they said could be linked to a grocery store shootout.

The shooting occurred in the Woodman’s parking lot on the 100 block of Hansen Boulevard, near Orchard Road and Oak Street. The first call to 911 came at around 9:20 pm

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The parking lot was crowded back then, but it’s also a huge lot far from the door to the shop. Nobody in the shop was injured, nor were there passers-by in the parking lot.

The only injuries were the two victims, who were sitting in their car, which was parked in a remote corner of the parking lot. The gray car stayed at the scene on Tuesday night, partly on top of the curb with the windows open.

According to police, one man was admitted to a nearby hospital in critical condition and the other in good condition.

According to the police, the shooter ran on foot.

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Officers picked up three people from a nearby apartment complex for questioning, and the boss told CBS 2’s Marie Saavedra that he believed it was a drug-related shootout.

North Aurora Police and Aurora Police worked together on the investigation, using a drone to take pictures of the entire crime scene from above.

North Aurora police claim there is no threat to the public. The logger’s shop stayed open all the time.

NAPD is on the scene of two people who were shot dead in Woodman’s parking lot at Block 100 on Hansen Blvd. One male was transported in critical condition, another male was transported in good condition. pic.twitter.com/xsT4jrhcX1

– North Aurora (IL) Police Department (@N_AuroraPolice) June 1, 2021

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