20 school buses in North Aurora – CBS Chicago destroyed

NORTH AURORA, IL (CBS) – Twenty school buses were wrecked in North Aurora over the weekend.

According to the police, the buses were destroyed between Friday 5:30 p.m. and Monday 6:00 a.m. in a storage and maintenance center for district buses on 220 Adler Drive.

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Police said a mechanic had confirmed that 20 buses were missing catalytic converters.

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The buses were not in operation on Monday morning. The district manager said these parts were very expensive to replace. He said it would cost more than $ 40,000 to fix. And he said the hardest thing next to the money is telling families that school can’t help but bring their children to class.

“It wasn’t like someone made a bad decision and ran off the street,” said Superintendent Jeff Craig. “Or we haven’t paid our insurance or we haven’t paid our gas bill. It was a negative piece that negatively affected a lot of children. “

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Police watch a surveillance video to identify a suspect.

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