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Real Estate Technology Trends In Recent Years

Nov 11

Real estate technology has had a profound impact on the industry's working methods and has changed the face of the industry in recent years. Real Estate technology is becoming a highly technological driven industry. However, there has been significant progress in recent years. The evolution of Internet real estate websites has led to a shift in the business model of real estate companies. The increase in popularity of Internet real estate websites has given them a larger presence online than ever before. The Internet offers many benefits to both the home buyer, and the agent. 

Real estate apps are one of the most innovative innovations. Real Estate apps are software applications (many of them free) that allow the real estate industry do certain things faster than ever before. The real estate industry is making great use of the available real estate apps platforms as it makes the entire transaction process easier for the agents. Real estate agents can update information about properties in real time without having the need to do so manually.

Geolocation is another technology trend that real estate agents and buyers use. Geolocation is the use GPS technology and other wireless devices to pinpoint the exact location. A GPS device will tell a realtor where a potential buyer is located. In some cases, this method has proven very helpful in finding potential buyers who don't want to be contacted through traditional methods (such as phone calls).

Some real estate companies have gone so far as to rent sophisticated Geolocation smart phones and offer them to their agents. This allows agents to view the property data and find potential clients. Because the smart phones have their own GPS features, agents can see where potential buyers might be located near the chosen property. Agents can save time by using this technology to find the right property.

Smart phone applications are another real estate technology trend that realtors are using. Many realtors are creating apps that allow their clients to manage all aspects of their real estate accounts (such as listing and price history) from the convenience of their smart phones. This is especially useful for realtors who need to access their real-estate management software while on the road. This feature, IDX plugin when combined with other real estate technology trends like smart mapping, can help realtors get more done for less money and in less time.

The use of social media, online networking websites, and other technologies to market real estate has been a major trend in recent years. Many realtors use these websites to market their properties and themselves. In the past real estate agents would have fliers placed in coffee shops and public areas that included a description of their services as well as contact information. Social networking websites allow realtors the ability to post pictures, videos and information about their properties, without having to spend any advertising.