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Commonly Broken Garage Doors Problems and Repairs

Dec 3

Let's discuss some of the more frequent problems with garage door repair and garage door replacement in Durham NC.

  • Broken Springs:

Garage door springs are designed for a certain number of opening and closing times. They will eventually break, and if you're at home, you will notice.

Garage doors pop up and produce a loud boom, almost like fireworks. If you attempt to open or close the door in this moment can be quite dangerous. There is a possibility of tension in the spring, which could cause the door be thrown off its rails or cause severe injury if it is snapped.

Do not attempt to open the garage door if the spring is broken. Contact us today to set up an appointment to repair your garage door. Do not go into your garage until it's been fixed.

  • Cables

Cables may fail on their own due to wear and tear, or when springs give up. If a cable fails one side of the door might seem to "sag" in comparison to the other. The door on the other side might also appear to be more heavy.

You may notice that the door is slightly inclined on one side and lower on the opposite side when it opens. The door may not stay in its position after opening when all the cables are damaged. Instead, the door will fall down as soon as it is lifted. This is a major safety hazard.

  • Rollers Should Spin and turn

The rollers along the sides of the door should be able to rotate and spin. The door may fall off its rails in the event that they become stuck as they slide. It can be more difficult to open or close the door when it is stuck on the rollers.

If the door has fallen off its tracks, it is best to keep it in place. The springs and cables may be damaged if you try to shut or open it. The tracks and rollers should be cleaned and changed when the door is making noise. The jammed rollers could result from lubrication issues or excessive humidity.

  • Door Closing and Reopening:

This issue can occur when the garage door opener needs to be set. Door limit settings control the closing and open functions. They may need minor adjustments and resynchronization from time to time as a result of typical usage.

Limit settings tell the door how much it has to travel before it is able to be closed or fully opened. If they are off when the door is struck by the ground, the sensors of the opener detect the impact as hitting something rather than the ground, and the door reopens.

If something is in the vicinity of the sensors for the door it could cause a problem. The sensors on either side of the garage or the interior wall will be located at the bottom of the door, about 4 to 6 inches above the floor. If there is something in the way, these sensors will cause the door to be reopened.

  • The Door Opener is running but the Door isn't Moving.

Check to see if the disconnect cord of the automatic door opener has not been pulled out by opening and closing the door. You will need to reconnect your door with the lift arm and connect it to your automatic opener if can. If you've locked your garage door, that is another typical cause for this issue. Be sure that the door is not locked.

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