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5 Steps to Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Jan 10

Water damage is responsible for 34% of all cost of claims for home repairs as per Steadfastand is the most expensive kind of claim financially. Blocked gutters were found to be one of the leading sources of water damage.

Despite the average water damage claim almost doubling over 2014-2018, just 19% of homeowners consider that water damage is the most concerning threat to their house. As a homeowner, you can prepare your roof for winter, and stop major water damage from affecting your home.

These five steps will make it easier to winterproof your roof prior to the rains start to fall.

Clean Your Gutters

The autumn leaves are stunning, but they pose a threat to your gutters. Leaves and other debris may get caught in your gutters, and cause blockages , as well as overflowing water. Water that flows down your exterior walls can cause damage to the exterior of your house and also degrade the structural integrity of your house.

The solution? Clean your gutters

After the majority of leaves have fallen, grab your ladder from your shed and climb it to clear all the debris that has accumulated in your gutters. Also, be watching for animal infestations, such as nests of birds or bees. It is also possible to contact a pest control specialist for assistance.

Trim the Trees Near Your Roof

The buildup of trash around your home could also be due to overhanging branches. If they are blown away in intense storms, they may even cause harm to your roofing.

The best way to go is to give your trees a trim in order to ensure they don't fall into your drains in the first place. Animals are known to take up home in the trees too. Long branches overhanging your home provide them with an easy access point to the roof, allowing them to create the perfect home for themselves.

Roof Inspection

Autumn is a wonderful moment to call a roofing expert to assess your roof's condition. A skilled siding contractor Pittsburgh roofer will be able to distinguish between normal signs of roof wear and tear , and the things that need to be repaired to make your roof ready for winter.

A roof inspection will inspect your whole roof and determine if it's:

Flashings are bent, rusted or damaged

Shingles or tiles are missing or damaged

Valleys are in good condition or need some cleaning

Sealant is sufficient and isn't cracked

Other damages to the roof

Although you may climb onto the roof in order to check it, this is not advised. Professional roofers are equipped with the necessary safety equipment to examine your roof.

Professional Roof Replacements and Repairs

Nobody likes the idea of rainwater pouring into their home and having to get emergency winter roof repairs. If you discover any problems in your roof, it is time to fix them before winter sets in.

No matter if they simply need to replace tiles or flashing, it's vital to have these completed to get your roof to winter. A Pittsburgh roofing expert can also assist you with winter roofing maintenance tips specific to your home.

Check Your Roofspace Insulation

You'll lose 25-35% of your house's heat through your ceiling without insulation. Leaks and damaged roofs will only make this worse. Minimizing this loss helps you to conserve energy when heating your home through the cold winter season.

By checking the insulation on your roof before it is cold, you will be able to decrease the loss of heat.

If you're in an older home then it's likely that it's time to update your insulation in order to ensure you don't use too much energy heating your home, just for a portion of it to be lost to.

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