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Botanic Garden, Wollongong

Jan 11

About Wollongong Botanic Garden

Immerse yourself in nature at the Wollongong Botanic Garden (rated #1 on Trip Advisor by travellers of things to do), with its excellent network of paths and hidden treasures. Open daily, this spectacular 30-hectare space is a serene place to relax or celebrate--perfect for anyone who loves plants! Overlooking downtown from its highest point -the Gleniffer Brae Manor House features an impressive collection that includes native species as well as those found all around the world in such diverse regions like Australia; China; Africa.

The Garden is also home to a wide variety of native wildlife, including Bower Birds and Ring Tail Possums. Escape with your family walk through one of the largest rainforest collections in Australia featuring Illawarra species like Kookaburras who call this area their home! There are many opportunities here for kids - all abilities playgrounds perfect if they're looking at something different from what's found outside; visiting ducks pond so that you can feed them too? Storytime every week where someone reads aloud while we explore nature doesn't get much better than this!!

What to do at Wollongong Botanic Garden?

The garden is a local attraction for both students and tourists alike. The various themed areas include rose, herb, woodland gardens as well as an azalea bank with succulents in all shapes and sizes! There are also several rainforests divided into Illawarra Rainforest (home to many indigenous plants), subtropical rains forests which may be more common along with warmer climates like Australia or New Zealand but still provide some excellent viewing opportunities when you take your walk through them here at Puckeys Estate Reserve; dryotics that are native only exist within this part of our planet - they rely strictly on humidity levels so lookout.

Visitors of all ages are welcome to enjoy the many activities and experiences on offer at Puckey's Estate. These include guided tours, garden workshops nocturnal walks as well a popular Sunset Cinema which runs every day from 7am until 6:45pm (except Good Friday & Christmas Day). For more information about this venue visit their website or contact them by email.


One local company in Wollongong involve in this tourist attraction is:

Name: Decking Wollongong

Address: 129 Balgownie Rd, Balgownie NSW 2519

Phone: (02) 4263 0673