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Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Feb 14

About Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Kuranda Village is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Home to many great attractions, one of them being The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary which has been ranked as one of its best listings in this area. The facility offers visitors an opportunity not only to see native insects but also to educate themselves on how they can help protect these gorgeous creatures by planting decorations or other passive projects near their homes that will benefit ecosystem restoration efforts here locally too.

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is a butterfly flight aviary in Australia. More than one million guests have enjoyed the sanctuary since its inception and come experience why this success story will be around for years to come. The natural beauty of our butterflies' tropical habitat has been replicated here at the Sanctuary - enjoy tranquillity as you flow through freshwater streams surrounded by exotic plants & flowers while watching these amazing insects soar overhead or sip nectar from flower petals below...

Be surrounded by 1500 free-flying tropical butterflies in the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary; a magical place where you can watch these gorgeous insects flap their wings or just sit still and absorb yourself into this fascinating world.

What To Do At Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is an all-weather activity, perfect for rainy days typical of the tropics. For guests that want to gain a greater appreciation for butterflies 30 minutes can be spent exploring this vast butterfly and moth diversity sanctuary where there are more different Lepidoptera species than anywhere else on earth!
The world's largest moth lives here - Hercules Moth has wingspans up to 6 inches long while some varieties weighing less than half an ounce have been recorded--and they're only found right around town at temperatures between 73-79 degrees Fahrenheit during springtime when it flowers most abundantly.

Visit the enchanted rainforest aviary and spot majestic butterflies, including vibrant green Cairns Birdwing Butterflies. Join a complimentary guided tour to learn more about their behaviour and life cycles while you watch an amazing daily release of these beautiful creatures! It's recommended that visitors wear white or red clothing so they have a greater chance of being landed on by your favourite insects (and who doesn't love getting touched by cool bugs?).

Join your guide on a visit to the breeding laboratory, which houses up to 4 thousand caterpillars. This educational experience shows what goes behind the scenes and showcases every stage in their life cycle! View butterfly wings through microscope or venture into UV room for special vision abilities that allow butterflies to see things clearly even without sunlight - fascinating right? Join complimentary guided food plant walk where you'll learn more about our grower's best eats (and some tasty treats too!)

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is a place where you can find unique and lesser-known butterflies such as the Red lacewing, Glasswing or Orange Cruiser. The informative tour guides at this sanctuary will point these insects out to your observer while guiding visitors through their natural habitat in an effort that concludes with displaying some spectacular examples from all over the world on display inside one building-the beautifully designed Butterfly Museum! Be sure to bring cameras along because it's hard not to picture each insect gracefully flitting around waiting for someone like us. 

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