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Merewether Beach

Jun 19

About Merewether Beach

In the heart of Sydney is a stretch that has been called "the best beach in Australia." The iconic Merewether Beach lies within this marine reserve and stretches from north to south with views clear around it. A popular spot for locals who walk their dogs or enjoy coffee at one cafe while watching surfers practice rolls up before they go into competition, you'll often see parents juggling caffeine plus children whose hair gets sandy just like dad did when he was younger than most - all amidst spectacular scenery including blue skies overhead as well!

This iconic Merewether Beach is home to the international surfing competition, Surfest. It's not just any old beach - it has views that go on for miles! The reserve starts at Dixon Park in North Shore and stretches southwards all while having magnificent scenery around every corner you lookouts to

Beach at Merewether.

What to do at Merewether Beach

The beach is a great place to enjoy coffee and watch the local people go about their daily lives. You'll see parents juggling work, and caffeine drinks while chasing after wiggling children who have sandy hair from playing in waves all morning long!

Merewether Beach, is a popular Australian beach that earned the title of “Best City Beach” in 2017 and is considered one of Australia's top five surfing spots. 
M Those who enjoy water sports will be able to do so at Merewether with its vast stretches along both shores- northward from Dixon Park or southwards near Burwood Pooles where skilled surfers can catch competitive waves during certain seasons

Merewether Beach is one of Australia's best beaches, and it earned the title for being National Surfing Reserve in 2009. The town also has lifeguards that patrol during Monday-Saturday swimming hours provided by Council Lifeguard Services while volunteer members from Merewsry Surf Lifesaving Club provide beach patrols on Sundays when there aren't any competitions going down at all!


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