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What Is The US The Tires And Window Tinting Company?

Jun 24

Window tinting is an extremely popular way to customize your car and protect your interior from the sun. But what happens if move the window down after the tint is applied? Does it make sense for the tint to fall away? It could surprise you!

In this article, we will discuss what happens when you shut your window after getting your car windows tinted. We will also discuss some of the most well-known myths surrounding window tinting.

What is the US the Tires and Window Tinting Company?

US Tires and Window Tinting Company is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving the Tampa Bay area for years. We are dedicated to offering our customers the best high-quality products and services.

There are many tinting options for windows available. We also provide other automotive accessories. We are able to assist you whether you're looking to shield your vehicle from ultraviolet radiation of the sun or improve the appearance of your vehicle.

What is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is the process of applying a fine film to the glass of the car's window. This film may help limit the amount of sunlight that is reflected into the vehicle as well as provide privacy for the occupants.

There are a variety of tinting films for windows available on the market, and each has their own distinct set of advantages. Our experts will help you determine which tint will work best for your needs.

What Should I Do to Get My Windows Tinted?

There are many reasons to get tinted windows! In addition to reducing glare and protecting your car's interior from damage caused by UV radiation, window tinting will also help keep your car cooler in the summer months.

Window tinting is a great option for those who live in areas that are hot. Tinted windows block sunlight, which can help keep the inside of your car cooler. Window tinting is legal. It is permitted in the majority of states to tint your windows, so long as it doesn't interfere with your vision.

What are the different types of Window Tinting?

Window tinting is possible in three types of tinting: Dyed, Metalized and Ceramic.

Dyed Window Tint The tint is created by adding a dye. The dye absorbs heat, and helps reduce the reflection.

Metalized Window Tint: This type of tint contains metal particles that work to reflect sunlight away from the vehicle. Window tints made of metal are more efficient in reducing heat than dyed window tint.

Ceramic Window Tint: This kind of tint contains ceramic particles that block UV rays as well as infrared light. Ceramic window tints are the most effective at reducing the heat and blocking UV rays however, it is the most costly.

What Happens When You Roll Window after Tinting?

If you try to roll your window after tinting the window, the tint will likely come off. This is because the tint isn't dry and has not yet bonded to the glass. When the tint has dried it will be harder to get rid of.

You can salvage the tint by rolling your window back up using an electric hair dryer or heat gun to heat it up if you have rolled the window down too quickly. This will bond the tint to your glass. If you haven't taken the window off, the tint may need to be replaced.


When you are ready to roll the window, wait for the tint to dry completely. If you do decide to roll it down, there is an opportunity that the tint may come off. If this happens, you can attempt to repair it by heating up the tint with the help of a hair dryer or a heat gun. But, if the tint is already damaged, it's likely to require replacing.

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