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Tips to Select the Right Caterer

Dec 7

There are few things more important than the quality, taste, and look of the food and beverages served. A lot is riding on your decision of which caterer to choose If you believe this choice isn't crucial, think about it this way ... amazing catering like UNCLE NICK'S DELI can rescue an event that's on the rocks, However, bad food is almost always a reason to make guests leave the premises.

These are the top 10 criteria events you need to consider when hiring catering services.

#1 - Personal interest in your needs and flexibility

It was the most frequent topic among all event and catering professionals we spoke to. This is because the level of interest and responsiveness of the caterer during their initial conversations is indicative of how they will perform during the course of the contract.

"Many caterers will claim to have the best-tasting food made with the freshest ingredients at the most competitive price, but it is an extremely rare thing for a caterer to be able to respond to emails and calls and willing to listen to feedback and fresh ideas," Cheryl Lynn Foster Gerton, the event planner and owner of An Essential Event in Belleville IL. "While these may appear to be somewhat insignificant factors when compared with overall taste and cost but they are actually a sign that the caterer is truly committed to meeting their customer's expectations and making sure they are pleased with both the food and service."

#2 - The capability to handle your specific type of event

Many caterers openly admit that not every caterer is suitable for every event. When interviewing caterers you should be clear about the type of event you're planning as well as the food and presentation that you expect. You could end up choosing an unsuitable caterer who isn't the ideal match for your event.

#3 - Flexibility with regard to Menu Options

Practically all caterers offer an uncomplicated menu. Some also offer the capability of customizing menus by adding or removing items. The best caterers will be prepared to design delicious food items that are customized to your particular requirements and themes.

#4 - Willingness To Offer tastings

How can you know what a caterer can offer unless you have a taste of their offerings? You won't be able to really judge the taste of the dishes you're keen on until you've tried them.

Some people avoid asking to sample the specific items they would like to serve at their event because it seems like a hassle for the caterer. However, it is standard to ask for a sampling of the items you plan to purchase prior to signing on the"dotted line.

#5 - Familiarity with the Venue

If you decide to use a BBQ joint to host the formal event in your ballroom You might be surprised. You can also hire the top corporate event caterer for a barn wedding. Why? The caterers may not be accustomed to serving food in this setting.

#6 - A complete detail of the goods and services that are promised in the contract

The contract for the caterer must clearly define the type of food, drinks, and other services it is going to provide on the designated day(s). Additionally, it should safeguard you from non-performance in the same way as it protects the caterer from default or non-payment and you might be thinking about getting an attorney to review the contract before signing it.

#7 - A Well-Defined Cancellation Plan

A caterer who has a shred of dignity and scruples enters into a contract with plans to walk away at the last minute, but you need to make sure there is an option to cancel your contract just in case your caterer needs to pull out.

#8 - Referrals You Can Contact and Talk With

Naturally, you'll have to investigate the caterers you're thinking of hiring It's always a good idea to start on the internet and look up sites like Yelp, Wedding Wire, and Angie's List for their reviews and ratings.

But don't stop there, as online reviews may not be accurate (or even authentic), a good caterer may have had a few sour or unhappy customers who have distorted their ratings, while a truly mediocre caterer may have embellished the reviews on their websites. Try to locate past clients of the caterers you're looking at and then contact them.

#9 #9 - Insurance

Every caterer we talked to said insurance coverage is "a benefit" for caterers. You certainly don't want to legally be in the midst of a mistake or incident caused by your caterer.

#10 - Experienced Chefs and Kitchen Staff

It's surprising that the time span of a caterer's existence isn't as crucial when it comes to choosing the best caterer.


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