According to Denver DA, 3 Aurora police officers were justified in shooting violence

According to investigators, three Aurora police officers who shot a suspect in an exchange of fire in Denver were justified in their use of force.

The Denver District Attorney announced Thursday that officers Paul Jerothe, Brett Iske and Michael Neumeyer, who were part of a SWAT unit of the Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force at the time of the July 27 incident, were “legally justified” fire their guns at 22 year old Dontari Hudson.

Dontari Hudson

The shooting took place at 4775 N. Argonne St. Iske and Jerothe were shot down by Hudson, according to a decision letter sent to Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen. Neumeyer suffered cuts in the incident.

Hudson, a suspect in a series of armed robberies when encountered by officers, fired 11 shots from a semi-automatic Glock pistol at the officers, according to the letter. Officers fired dozens of shots and a vehicle that Hudson allegedly tried to steal was full of gunfire.

According to the letter, a mother and daughter who were at the scene and were victims of attempted carjacking barely escaped.

Hudson was shot and taken to Denver Health. He was charged, among other charges, on three charges of attempting to commit a first degree murder. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 23rd.

The officials “reasonably believed that less violence would have been inadequate and that they were in imminent danger of being killed or additional serious bodily harm,” the letter reads.

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