Advocate Aurora slows down the objective of doubling gross sales

Even so, Skogsbergh said he believed the pandemic underscored the argument of magnitude that the health system will pursue with like-minded organizations interested in value-based care. Advocate Aurora, based in Milwaukee and Downers Grove, recently abandoned plans to merge with Michigan’s Beaumont Health, which would have created a system of 34 hospitals and $ 17 billion.

Following its merger with Aurora Health Care, Advocate last doubled in size in 2018. The chain currently has 26 hospitals in Illinois and Wisconsin and annual sales of more than $ 12 billion. This makes it the eleventh largest non-profit healthcare system in the country in terms of sales.

Dominic Nakis, chief financial officer of Advocate Aurora, noted that the pandemic increased the healthcare system’s operating cash flow from $ 930 million in Q3 2019 – a margin of 9.9% – to $ 554 million in Q3 2020 (Jan. , 8%) has lowered the range.

Skogsbergh said Advocate Aurora will “essentially comply” with the Trump administration’s new requirement that health systems disclose their contracted tariffs for certain services. “We have a little more to do,” he said. Nakis added that he thinks it will be difficult for consumers to use the data.

Crain’s reporter Stephanie Goldberg contributed to this story, which originally appeared on the website of Crain’s sister publication Modern Healthcare.

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