Artist paints mural unique to Aurora, Missouri

AURORA, Mon – An artist worked hard in Aurora, Missouri, painting some memories of the city’s rich history.

The mural is called “All Roads Lead Home”. The mural is 14 feet high and 16 feet long.

“I probably made a little over 170, 180 pieces of art, about 60% of which were large murals,” said Raine Clotfelter.

Clotfelter says he designed the mural specifically for Aurora.

“They always farmed here,” said Clotfelter. “And there was a point in time and I don’t have all the dates in history, but there was a time when the army set up a base here. They had a logo with a dog. “

“It’s so beautiful because everyone is excited, everyone is excited, everyone wants to participate,” said Kim McCully-Mobley, co-director of the Youth Empowerment Project.

“We had a lot of children up here,” said Clotfelter. “We had up to ten children working on this mural at the same time.”

McCully-Mobley says the name “All Roads Lead Home” has a special meaning especially for children.

“I hope that someday they come back to Aurora, or when they go to college, come back to operate or start a business here,” said McCully-Mobley. “We don’t want them not to go out and see the world. But we also recognize that many places, especially in rural America, face the same challenges. “

“History seems to be fading in our country,” said Clotfelter. “And trying to preserve history is, in my opinion, always important for the next generation.”

The mural is on the side of the Children’s Smile Center’s dentist office.

“It’s in downtown Aurora right in the heart of an informal historic district,” said McCully-Mobley. “It’s a great place, it’s very visible and a lot of people come and go from there.”

“We hope it attracts attention and gains momentum,” said McCully-Mobley. “We can celebrate Aurora in a variety of other ways that are artistic and historical in equal measure, and don’t stop with just one.”

The mural should be ready by now, but there was bad weather that put the project on hold. It is expected to be completed on Monday April 26th.

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