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Dear Pastor,
I’ve heard that if Christians don’t pray, God won’t do anything. Is that true?

A: Yes and no. Our God is in constant, ceaseless action even when no one is praying. For example, think of all the involuntary movements going on in your body right now – your heart beating and your lungs breathing, your ears hearing, your eyes blinking – all of these, if we believe the Bible, are being watched by God. “For in him we live and move and exist … we are his descendants” (Acts 17:28, NLT). Our fragile form literally rests in God’s hands.

Gravity, the ocean tides, the sun and lunar cycles, seasons, rain, and weather are other examples of God’s sovereign care for us even when no one acknowledges His good works or prays for them.

But God created people because he wanted a family. He wanted, as the apostle Paul called it, “descendants”, beings created in his image who could enter into personal relationships with him. The first chapters of the book of Genesis explain this truth in detail. Since God created us to connect with him, He made sure that we achieve this on all levels: we hear God when he speaks; feel God when he comes close to us; See how he moves through the beauty of nature or through divine interventions and miracles. We have the power to speak to God and to be heard by him.

This conversation between man and God is called “prayer”. It’s one of God’s favorite things. So yes, there are times when the Lord holds back from accomplishing something on earth because He wants his children to pray, ask him and believe in him to do it – which actually provokes him to do it to do. God is a father, remember, so he loves when we run to papa and ask. He is happy to look after us like any good father. “But seek his kingdom, and these things will be added to you. Fear not, little flock, for your father chose to give you the kingdom. ”- Luke 12:32, 32 TPT. The Lord will often wait for us to pray so that He can celebrate our pursuit of Him and strengthen our connection with an answer.

Only people pray. Think about it. Even high functioning primates, while intelligent enough to memorize a group of words, do not spontaneously associate and communicate with their Creator. God gave people this privilege. Then when we accept Christ, God replaces our darkness with Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit. We then have the ability to use our words that come from him to forcefully create changes on earth. Words used as prayer are powerful because we imitate God. He used words to create the earth: “Let it be light!” “Be fruitful and multiply!” So it’s safe to say that we have the power to change the world for people when we are made in God’s image and dive into His toolbox to get things done (pray, speak, command, petition) well the same way that he started it. Did you know you have that kind of power?

The last important detail about prayer is that it requires faith. Anyone can read words on a page or speak a rehearsed script. But a humble, bowed head and a heart full of love for God make all the difference in a powerful response.
If prayer was a calling, then in our Christian careers we have two main roles: 1) Use our words (prayers) to thank God for all that He does, known and unknown; and 2) find out what prayers God is waiting to answer and pray them. If your world is not what you want, change it through prayer. “But I can promise you that. If you had a belief no bigger than a mustard seed, you could tell this mountain to move from here to there. And it would. Anything would be possible for you. ”- Matthew 17:20, CEV.

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