Aurora Boreal isn’t seen tonight


While the possibility was slim, it was increased slightly earlier this week as a geomagnetic storm was expected to hit Earth on Thursday and Friday. Because it’s so far south, it usually takes a pretty strong storm for the lights to come on in our area. The storm was originally predicted to be G3 strength, but as the finer details of the event played out this morning, the strength was downgraded to G1. In this case it was clear that the Northern Lights would not be visible in ENC.

It has been about 10 years since Aurora Borealis last sighted over ENC.

BUT! There is still something to see in our night sky, even if the Northern Lights are not visible. Over the next few weeks, Saturn and Jupiter will slowly converge. They are on the southwestern horizon and are best seen just after sunset or after 5:30 p.m.

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