Aurora caps grocery supply charges and urges vote on marijuana adjustments information

Aurora city council voted during a meeting on Monday evening on restrictions on fees for third party food delivery, taking into account changes in the marijuana market.

Aurora lawmakers unanimously voted to set a temporary cap on the fees restaurants pay to third-party companies like Uber East and Grubhub for grocery delivery services.

The cap is in place until the end of March to help restaurants already affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill was introduced by Councilor Curtis Gardner.

Denver passed a similar bill in October that capped fees for third-party grocery shipping apps to 15% of customer bills.

Until now, shipping costs could often be up to 30% of the cost of an order in a restaurant.

The council was due to vote on the supply of recreational marijuana on Monday but rejected the duplicate listing and pushed the vote to December 7th instead.

If approved, Aurora residents could have marijuana delivered to their homes by licensed pharmacies before 10 p.m.

Daily supplies would be limited to one ounce of marijuana, eight grams of marijuana concentrate, and 80 10-milligram servings of THC.

The council should also take a first look at a plan that would lower barriers to workers in the marijuana industry.

Aurora currently bans people from working as employees or business owners in the marijuana industry if they have been convicted of a crime within 10 years or at any time of a crime of drug conviction.

Workers will also be disqualified for violating local drug laws, minor offenses, or misdemeanor convictions in the past five years.

This is a stricter rule than the state as a whole, which only disqualifies people with convictions in the past three years.

If passed, the new rules would align the city’s guidelines with the state government.

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