Aurora closes book on the name of the library square; Share your thoughts on a new nickname for a big downtown project

Want to help choose a new name for Library Square, the largest capital project in Aurora’s history and a catalyst for downtown revitalization?

The city will conduct a poll on until April 28 at 5:00 p.m. asking residents to choose their favorite names from four finalists for the $ 51.5 million project.

The choices are Aurora Junction, Church Street Square, Constellation Square, and Town Square.

The library seat is not one of the options.

But some residents want the name to stay as it is.

In an informal poll on the Aurora Community Connection page on Facebook, the added name Library Square is by far the front runner.

However, the city says finding an alternate name is an important step in “defining the space better as a downtown destination for community gatherings, arts, cultural and heritage activities, special events, recreation, and more.

“While the Aurora Public Library remains a key stakeholder, the project has evolved in such a way that the Library Square name no longer captures the full extent of its cross-sectoral and collaborative nature.”

The new name will reflect that the space will include the Aurora Public Library, 22 Church St. (Aurora Museum and Archives and Aurora Cultural Center), the Sky Bridge and the outdoor plaza.

The city outlined the reasons why the four proposed names were selected as finalists.

Aurora Junction: “Junction” can be defined as an act of joining as well as a location or meeting point. This makes it a fitting name for Aurora’s newest room, where people from all walks of life come together to enjoy the arts, theater, music, and shopping, community gatherings, and more. The term “junction” is also associated with the railroad, so the name is a nod to the importance of the railroad in Aurora’s development from a small town to a growing and diversifying community.

Church Street Square: Church Street Square is steeped in history and is home to the Aurora Cultural Center as well as the Aurora Museum and Archives. It honors one of the most famous streets in Aurora. The name is location-based and speaks of how this area has become the city’s home for creativity, culture, innovative programs and community gatherings.



Constellation space: The city’s newest facility is a place of opportunity and learning where people can strive to be more creative, artistic, and connected to their community. Constellation Square is a name that reflects these aspired properties. The name also translates nicely into a dramatic visual identity, inspired by the night sky and some of the facility’s unique design features, such as: B. the catenary lighting and the backlit aluminum grille around Church Street School.

Town square: City squares can be found all over the world and can be described as an open public space that is usually located in the heart of a city that is used for community gatherings. While not unique, the town squares have a long history and reflect the centuries-old desire of communities to share a space of belonging and celebration.

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