Aurora College talks about enhancements to the library

Mar 9 – KINGWOOD – Aurora School Director John Knotts and Krista Hayes, Chair of the Local School Improvement Council for Schools of Isolation Funds brought up a list of the improvements they would like to make to the school library.

Education program allowances – also known as schools for isolation funds – are provided by state lawmakers as part of its budget. Every year the Preston BOE receives isolation funding for the Aurora School. These funds are given to small and geographically isolated schools.

Aurora receives $ 100,000 annually, of which $ 40,000 is withheld for emergencies. All funds must be used in the school.

“Emergency funds can be used to pay utility bills or other emergencies,” said school principal Stephen L. Wotring.

Knotts said the school spent much of last fiscal year’s money improving the library and tech supplies. He said many of the library’s books and furniture were out of date. Knotts said the school had already bought tables, chairs, and some books.

He said the items he plans to buy with the money in the 2021-2022 budget for the school year are as follows:

– The Born to Learn program, $ 3,000;

– Preschool Readiness Teacher Expands Little Learners Program by $ 7,500;

– Aurora Little Learners Program / Books and Materials $ 500;

– Aurora Library Furniture Update Phase 2, $ 10,000;

– Aurora School Library books, $ 10,000;

– Band instrument repairs / purchases: $ 1,000;

– PE equipment: USD 1,000;

– Gym equipment upgrade, $ 2,000 USD;

– Special cabinet for the art space, $ 5,000;

– Support Materials for Current Curriculum: $ 5,000;

– STEAM materials, $ 5,000;

– and full gym sound panels, $ 10,000 for a total of $ 60,000.

The board members asked what would happen if the money was spent and there was an emergency at the school that held more than $ 40,000 on reserve.

“In an emergency, we can come back and adjust the budget,” said Wotring.

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Knotts said the funds would not be spent until after the next fiscal year.

Dr. Preston High Principal Carrie Pratt asked the board if there would be a senior prom this year. Wotring said he asked the state if the school could hold a prom.

“They told me to ask the local health department,” he said. “They (health department) are so overrun they can’t talk about the prom right now.”

Board member Pam Feathers suggested that Pratt go ahead with the plans and then present them to the board. She suggested taking a survey and see how many students would like to leave.

Wotring said Preston High has 278 seniors.

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