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Lent services for churches in the Union District all take place at 7:00 p.m. at the Maple Spring Church of the Brethren, with the exception of the April 4th Easter Sunrise Service at 7:00 a.m. Rev. Michael Wright to be worship leader on February 24th On March 3rd, Pastor Ryan Miller will be the worship leader. Pastor Bob Spaid becomes worship leader on March 10th.

Aurora School principal Jonas Knotts has announced several new student recognition programs.

The Spotlight on Students recognizes students who give their all in this blended learning phase: Alden Bachtel saw the first class from January 27 to 29; Abigail Hubbard, eighth grade; and Evie Durst, third grade, called. On February 5th, Clayton Starcher (Pre-K) and Hallie Hartsell (8th grade) were in the spotlight. February 8-10 were Paisley Ragioni, first grade; Tripp Rumer, second class; and Jayden Suesili, first grade. Laurel Carr, Kindergarten, has been selected for February 16-19; Madison Dumire, eighth grade; and Richard Albright, sixth grade.

In January, Sophia Pickens, Pre-K, were selected from each class to represent the Character Strong program. Kasen Keefer, Kindergarten; Taryn Sullivan, first; Olivia Simmons, second; Logan Hartsell, third; Hunter Weaver, fourth; Peyton Shaffer, fifth; Richard Albright, sixth; Charles Shaffer, seventh; and Ava Bishop, eighth.

Aurora will host a Girls On The Run and Heart & Sole program this spring. Everyone is so excited to see this program in our area and we have an amazing group of trainers ready. Please contact the organization or Seegee Bachtel if you have any questions and they will do their best to give you answers. There is a cost to attend, but don’t let it weigh you down. If required, scholarships are available. Please enter your household income as this will adjust the cost. We promise you will not be disappointed with this program. If you are not familiar with it, two exercises per week are required. This is for girls in grades three through eight.

Congratulations to second grader Olivia Simmons. She won first place in the WCTU Say No to Drugs painting competition in West Virginia. Olivia’s entry was against submissions from 23 different schools in North Central West Virginia. Your entry is on the way to the national level.

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