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Lent services for churches in the Union District all take place at 7:00 p.m. at the Maple Spring Church of the Brethren, with the exception of Easter sunrise on April 4, which takes place at 7:00 a.m. Pastor Dustin Pickins will be the worship leader for March 24th. Rev. Michael Wright on March 31st and Lindsey Teets will deliver the message for the Easter Sunrise Service on April 4th.

The Eglon Mountaineer 4-H Club was hit by Zoom on Tuesday March 9th, 2021.

President Zachary Mowery called the meeting by appointment, and the pledges were led by members who previously had a project exhibition at the Buckwheat Festival in the Memorial North building. The meditations were led by Team Integrity and consisted of interesting facts and the history of Blackwater Falls, the Canaan Valley and Cathedral State Parks.

Health officer Quintin Utterback reported on healthy eating. According to the report, Quintin led an activity called “Stop, Go and Slow” where he named a particular food and members voted on the “health” of the food we ate, where stop meant not very much of that food to eat. like junk food and soda; Go for foods like fruits, vegetables, and water; eat anything you want; and slow foods, which are foods that are okay in moderation, like pizza, pasta, and bread. The game was a success in which all members present participated.

Secretary Abigail Spaid read the minutes of the February meeting. Treasurer Ingrid Nelson gave the treasurer’s report. Both reports were approved. Reports were also made on various other activities and meetings. Abby Spaid and Ingrid Nelson reported on the Preston County Livestock Association meeting on March 6th at the fire station. Small animal rules were read and forms were given to officers.

Quintin Utterback gave a report on upcoming state virtual camps he plans to attend.

Members who entered the county photography and poster contest were thanked for their contributions. Two photos each were submitted by Kristen Ritchey, Ava Bishop, Emma Bishop, Ava Simmons, Hallie Simmons, Abigail Spaid, and Carter Wilt. Kristen Ritchey submitted a poster in the Health category and Jaxen Mullins submitted a poster in the 4-H Promotion category. How how!

As part of the new business, the club discussed what future meetings will look like and what the COVID-19 protocol will look like. At this point, the club will continue to meet with Zoom. The club voted to have a stick, leaf and garbage collection at the Farmers’ Wildlife Club, practicing the COVID-19 protocol. Date to be announced. The club’s officers also urged club members and other Preston County 4-H clubs to complete 30 miles of some form of exercise by August.

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