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To own a brand in 2020, you don’t just have to sell a product – you have to sell a product purpose. Consumers are now synergistically aligning themselves with brands that share the same core values ​​and shop mindfully, from materials sourced from ethical sources to donations to charity that ultimately contribute to a greater good. At the forefront of this movement is the Beloved founder of the sustainable luxury accessories brand Brother Vellies, Aurora James. As a brand buildingTo support global artisan communities who handcraft each unique design, James is changing the definition of a luxury item. “What does luxury mean for me as a woman in 2020? Luxury is a brand that is started by a woman, financed by a woman and made by women, ”explains James. Brother Vellies’ shoes and handbags have become symbols of luxury through integrity and solidarity that honor cultural history.

As that year played out and grew worsening in more ways than one, James found himself at a pivotal moment: how could he support their artisan communities who need it most during a global pandemic and their cash-strapped customers who they wouldn’t ? dare to buy a pair of boots worth $ 500. So with the start of the subscription, James came up with an ingenious solution Something specialIt promotes their ability to support the local craft industry around the world with bespoke comfort items. But that’s not all – James started that too in June 15% pledge, a nonprofit advocating race and business equality by asking companies to dedicate 15% of their shelf space to black-owned companies. With partners like Sephora, Yelp, and West Elm on board, James is changing the landscape of the American economy – one that has underserved minorities for far too long.

The story goes on

As the leading voice in the industry, it’s no surprise James was featured on the cover of Vogue’s iconic September issue and mes is named This Years Person of the Year at the Footwear News Achievement Awards – watch live on December 8th. Visit Apple Podcasts or Spotify to subscribe to Second Life, listen to our second interview with James, and learn how she continually inspires her community to find her voice and use it in the most meaningful ways. And keep scrolling to discover the latest offers from Brother Vellies.

Brother Vellie’s Home Mug ($ 35)

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Brother Vellies Palms Boot ($ 750)

Yes, these are the legendary Queen & Slim boots.

Brother Vellies Lijadu Billfold in Midnight ($ 1295)

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Brother Vellie’s Wilson Loafer ($ 615)

Brother Vellie’s Midnight Woven Olivia Pump ($ 795)

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