Aurora launches dietary dietary supplements formulated by nutritionists within the morning to enhance productiveness

The story of Aurora can be seen as an example of how “the obstacle becomes the path”. Its founder, Tom Mucklow, came up with the idea of ​​creating effective nutritional supplements to improve focus and productivity in the morning while improving his own daily routine. While exploring various ways to combat his morning fatigue, he found both the boost and foundation needed to build his own brand.

The result is morning light.

Morning Light contains 6 potent adaptogens (ashwagandha, guayusa, maca root, tulsi / holy basil, rhodiola rosea and shilajit) that have been used for millennia to sharpen focus and increase productivity. The formula is even more enriched with a full B vitamin complex. Ingesting a full B vitamin complex is believed to boost your metabolism as these vitamins can help the body break down food and convert it into energy. This is the main way these vitamins can help provide a much-needed boost in alertness and motivation.

Aurora uses adaptogenic herbs to add efficacy to their products. Adaptogens are plant-based substances that research has shown can help manage emotional, mental, and physical stress. As the name suggests, these substances can help improve the way we adapt to different types of stressors. And since morning is usually the time of day when cortisol levels peak, anything that can counteract stress is more than welcome.

Not only are these supplements a great way to develop a strong mindset in the morning, but they can also increase energy levels for most of the day. The ingredients work in synergy with the body and thus ensure a stable plateau with improved vitality after just one month.

Less fatigue and more focus are two things people usually want to improve in the morning. Along with a healthy sleep schedule, a healthy diet, and a functional exercise routine, these nutritional supplements can help consumers not only tolerate their rhythm, but overcome them tomorrow.

The team behind Aurora also produces The Matinee, a morning wellness blog that focuses on helping people set and create routines, and providing information on how to be the first to feel better and more productive.

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