Aurora man convicted of housebreaking and possession of contraband in jail

Aurora-born Frederick E. Spencer, 41, was sentenced to eighteen years in prison earlier this month for breaking and possessing contraband goods in a prison.

Kendall County Attorney Eric Weis says Spencer pleaded guilty back October last year. According to Weis, Spencer was sentenced to twelve years in prison on six different burglary charges, and an additional six years for possession of contraband in Kendall County Jail.

Several residential break-ins were reported in Kendall County in October and November 2018. During one of these break-ins, Spencer stole an iPad tablet. The device has been traced back to Aurora, where Spencer was found along with several other stolen items. Digital cell phone data recovered by the police helped place Spencer in other unsolved break-ins. Spencer was also found to be in the possession of contraband while held in Kendall County Jail.

Prosecutor Weis says Spencer has been sentenced to prison seven times. Weis said Spencer has no regard for the laws of society and that a long sentence is required for someone who continues to break the law.

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