Aurora Metropolis Council will vote on members for the brand new Civilian Evaluate Board of the police pressure

The proposed members are: Kim Bright, a retired administrative judge for the Social Security Administration; Dr. Timothy Brown, a retired clinical psychologist who specializes in fitness testing for police officers who has lived in Aurora for 30 years; Rajesh Char, a digital marketer; Dr. Vincent Gaddis, a 25-year-old college professor who is also a chaplain, writer, and moderator; Jacqueline Gibson, a graduate of the East Aurora School District who is now the principal there; Ginger Ingram, who has her own day care center in town, is a second language English teacher and a local artist. Andrea McMillian, an IT and innovation manager who has her own podcast; Lily Rocha, a graduate of West Aurora Schools, regional manager of a national nonprofit; and Curtis Wilson, a clinical trial researcher.

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