Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) partners with Hycan to improve the smart driver experience

What’s wrong with Aurora Mobile Limited?

Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) stock suffered a minor blow after announcing a partnership with Hycan Intelligent Technology. The company’s shares fell 3.04% on Tuesday to $ 3.18 per share. The partnership enables Aurora to improve Hycan’s service efficiency, improve user experience, and expand services for intelligent drivers.

What does this mean for Aurora Mobile Limited?

Aurora will now deploy all of its artificial intelligence-based technology to help Hycan meet its customers’ needs for a more personal and unique experience. Listed on Nasdaq in 2018, Aurora has launched a range of products that appeal to mobile developers, enabling them to improve operational efficiencies and drive business growth and monetization.

Aurora Mobile has proven itself with developers, entering into multiple agreements with a number of leading platforms in finance, insurance, gaming, fresh food e-commerce, online education, and new energy vehicles. As of December 2020, Aurora Mobile has deployed software development kits for over 1.7 million APPs.

Aurora Mobile Limited offers a platform for mobile big data solutions in the People’s Republic of China through its subsidiaries. The company provides targeted marketing, market intelligence, financial risk management and location-based news services. Developer Services provide core in-app functionality that developers need, including push notification, instant messaging, analytics, sharing, short messaging, review, and device connectivity.

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Aurora Mobile Ltd provides stable and accurate developer services for educational and medical devices. It provides data services such as iAPP that investors can use to analyze industry opportunities, fraud prevention to identify fraud risk, iAudience, iZone and other related services. The company operates and generates its income from the People’s Republic of China.

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