Aurora OK’s $ 2.5M Coronavirus Support Bundle for Eating places, Bars

AURORA, IL – Dozens of Aurora companies are supported by the city after city councils approve a multi-million dollar coronavirus relief package.

Aurora City Council has passed several initiatives worth nearly $ 2.5 million, of which approximately $ 1.2 million will be sent to businesses in the form of grants. The city will give businesses about $ 1 million in relief by not levying food and beverage taxes for three months.

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An additional $ 250,000 in relief would be granted through a year-long hiatus in royalties for companies licensed locally for alcohol.

About $ 1 million for the proposed grant program – known as the Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund – will come from a budget surplus. Another $ 200,000 will be added to the fund through savings from eliminated jobs in town hall, the Aurora Beacon News reported.

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