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Drones fly to protect rare New Zealand dolphins

New Zealand’s endangered Maui dolphins swim just below the surface of a small stretch of ocean off the west coast of the North Island. As part of a new government-sponsored project, they are tracking drones that track every single movement The Maui Drone Project uses artificial intelligence to find and track down the elusive Maui dolphins. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Friday that she has high hopes for the new program, if we have this protection, we will have placed it in places where Maui dolphins really need them. You know, we’ve basically drawn geographic areas where we’ve restricted certain types of fishing, but this helps us understand where they are, their movements, where the extra protection is needed. “The project is a year-long collaboration between the Department of Primary Industries, the nonprofit MAUI63, and WWF New Zealand with support officials say the drone technology will provide detailed data on the habitat, population, distribution and behavior of dolphins as well as many other marine species such as seabirds and whales. The drone will also ensure that dolphins are not disturbed when they go out.

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