Aurora plans to reopen events at full capacity from mid-June

CHICAGO (WLS) – Downtown Aurora is fairly quiet, there are few people and many stores are closed. But Aurora’s Mayor hopes to be able to change that in just over two weeks.

“Get out there, have fun. We’ll activate Aurora,” said Mayor Richard Irvin. He said the city is about to reopen on June 11th. This is good news for many, including the Paramount Theater.

The stage and seats have been dark and quiet for more than a year. The more than 270 employees were reduced to 14 part-time employees. But now there’s a light at the end of the long dark tunnel. Jim Jarvis, the theater’s marketing director, said, “We need everyone’s support to come back. We need people to help us get back on our feet.”

The theater closed last fall just before the debut of their production of “Kinky Boots”. This show will now be the first production when the theater reopens in August.

Well-known concerts have taken place in Aurora’s River Edge Park with 6,000 inhabitants in recent years. The mayor said these concerts will return from next month.

Carina Mendoza said she was looking forward to getting off, as was her family, who owns restaurants and food trucks that depend on major events.

“The fact that we can get out and start working is great. We’ll be back in the community,” said Mendoza.

The mayor said he was optimistic that the city could reopen as planned. He says Aurora is on track with the state’s metrics for reopening, but ultimately more people need to be vaccinated.

“If we want June and July to be happy, we need to keep getting vaccinated,” said Irvin.

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