Aurora Police Division, physique digicam, stated after a girl stated she was “jumped” by law enforcement officials

One woman claimed on social media that she was “jumped” by Aurora police. The woman, Alexandra Stevenson, posted a photo with multiple cuts on her face.

The Aurora Police Department released footage from body cameras on Wednesday. In a statement released with the video, Aurora police said they received multiple calls from an apartment complex on the 15,000 block of East Caspian Circle, causing a woman to honk her car horn for 20 to 30 minutes. Callers alleged the woman yelled at residents and threatened to shoot and kill people over her parking lot, which was taken after 11pm.

Stevenson was in her vehicle when officers arrived and told them she had a gun.

After the officers refused to get out of her car on several occasions, they removed her “due to the fact that the officers had information that she was in possession of another weapon”.

Statement on social media post for excessive use of force by Aurora police officers. #FactsMatter #ANewWay

Link to the BWC footage:

The full BWC footage will be available on our YouTube channel later that evening.

– Aurora Police Dept (@AuroraPD) December 10, 2020

According to police, Stevenson was examined on the spot after suffering facial injuries from asphalt.

Stevenson has been charged with disorderly behavior and obstruction of a peace officer.

Aurora Police confirmed the use of force during the arrest and said an internal review of the incident was ongoing.

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