AURORA POLICE IMPERSONATOR: Suspected Aurora Police impersonator not charged

AURORA, Colorado (KDVR) – An Aurora man arrested in April this year for allegedly posing as an Aurora police officer has not been charged.

Elchin Dadashov, 39, was stopped for speeding on I-25. Acting officials observed that Dadashov’s vehicle, a white Crown Victoria, had a light bar, bumper, and several markings on his vehicle that resembled those on a police vehicle.

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Dadashov also wore BDU clothing, body armor with a body camera, and a lanyard that read “Aurora Police Department”.

Dadashov said he did not try to impersonate a police officer. He told authorities he was wearing a dark uniform and was driving this particular vehicle because he was a security guard for various marijuana stores in the area.

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According to Sentinel Colorado, Dadashov had wanted to be a police officer since he was a teenager and had signed up as a volunteer with the Aurora Police Department.

Dadashov is not charged with posing as a peace officer.

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