Aurora pop-up pantry of free groceries for 1,200 households

AURORA, IL (WLS) – A pop-up pantry in Aurora is helping provide free groceries to 1,200 families on Monday.

As food insecurity continues to rise during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Northern Illinois Food Bank is working to fill that void.

“We saw 40-50 percent more initially with the pandemic, but it has balanced out,” said Mary Clark of the Northern Illinois Food Bank. “But now we have reservations about going into winter.”

The city of Aurora is home to its fifth community-wide pop-up pantry. The drive-through food distribution will provide food to 1,200 families.

Volunteers packed cars on a food truck provided by the Federal Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.

“Today we have two boxes of protein, a crate of milk, and a gallon of milk,” said Mike Kean of the Northern Illinois Food Bank

Rows of cars wrapped around the road waiting for food while the volunteers continued to work.

“I’m not asking for a million dollars,” said Mike, a veteran. “I’m just trying to put food on the table for my family. I’ll take the food I only need for my family.”

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