Aurora students are expected to continue distance learning through at least November 13th as COVID-19 cases increase

Students in Aurora will continue their education from the comfort of their homes until at least November 13, district officials said in a letter to parents, teachers and staff late Monday afternoon.

Aurora students were scheduled to return to face-to-face learning this week after the district’s education authority decided in late July to postpone face-to-face learning for the first eight weeks of the new school year. However, the recently verified health data forced the district to make the decision to delay the start of face-to-face learning.

“Community transmission of COVID-19 continues to increase as students should study in person again this week,” said Rico Munn, superintendent of Auroar Public Schools, in the letter. “Given that students have not yet started personal learning, we made the difficult decision to delay the start of personal learning for students.”

The district plans to have a decision on the next 20-day meeting by Monday, November 9th. If a transition to face-to-face learning is possible, Aurora high school students will return to the classroom on Monday November 16.

“Please note that students who are currently studying face-to-face because of their specific learning needs will continue to receive these face-to-face learning opportunities. This includes students with special needs, newcomers at an early stage in the development of the English language, and career and technical education students at Pickens Technical College, ”Munn wrote.

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