Aurora supports Volvo in the development of autonomous tractor units

Just last month, the self-driving vehicle startup Aurora announced it had partnered with Toyota to develop a fleet of robotic axes. The company has now announced a new agreement with Volvo to build fully autonomous tractor units that will move cargo across North America (via The Verge).

Aurora Volvo Pistachio

The two companies say they’ve been looking into a potential partnership since 2018 when they came together to build a prototype truck nicknamed the Pistachio (above). At the time, Aurora admitted that driver technology was not advanced enough to safely control a vehicle as large and heavy as a semi on a freeway. With the new sensor technologies Aurora acquired in 2019, the two companies now believe they are ready to build a fleet of Level 4 autonomous trucks that will cover busy hub-to-hub routes between major North American cities Driving cities. Not only does Aurora help manufacture the vehicles, it also provides logistics and operational support, and uses the cloud to route these trucks as efficiently as possible.

“These trucks will combine the best of Volvo technology with the Aurora driver, who is uniquely capable of detecting and tracking objects well over 300 meters, into a compelling and scalable logistics platform,” the company said.

Aurora is fast becoming a major player in the autonomous vehicle space. The company made a splash earlier this year when it devoured Uber’s self-propelled unit and received a $ 400 million investment from the hail giant. It is said that it will share more information about its partnership with Volvo in the near future.

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