Aurora Sustainability: Changing the World with the Network Effect

Oslo, Norway – (BUSINESS WIRE) – “Be the change you want to see in the world” is a worn cliché. However, most of us feel overwhelmed by the climate and environmental challenges. Instead of giving in, Cape Town’s Danielle Laity and her team decided to take action. You have founded a new community: Aurora Sustainability.

“Every day in Cape Town we feel the need for a more sustainable and fairer world. Food security is an issue, the predominantly fossil fuel-based power grid is under pressure and climate change will only make these issues worse, ”says Danielle Laity.

Anyone can sign up on the Aurora Community Platform and take a short quiz that will show the size of their carbon footprint. The intention is not to measure or compare yourself with others. It’s about getting a measure of how sustainable you are today and then getting the information and inspiration it takes to make a sustainable lifestyle change.

An overwhelming problem

An ocean full of plastic, carbon emissions spiraling out of control despite major international agreements, and the world population is growing by around 1 percent every year. about 80 million people.

In South Africa these problems are felt even more precariously than if you live in Norway, for example, where the effects may not be seen in everyday life.

The climate crisis was caused by the sum of all human actions. So if each of us does something, we can do a little bit to solve the problem.

Aurora Sustainability is currently testing the second version of the beta version and has already gained over 10,000 users. It was introduced in South Africa, but now it is being introduced as a second country in Norway.

“Where one person seems powerless, 10,000 people who take action look like a movement, and we’re just getting started,” says Laity.

Aurora Sustainability will use the network effect to change the world

When there is a network effect, the value of a product increases according to the number of others who use it. Our users can inform each other about changes made and inform each other about more environmentally friendly decisions.

“It is possible for consumers to move the industry forward when we come together to make a difference,” says Laity.

Taking the quiz will give you an Aurora score broken down into five areas. The higher the score, the more sustainable you are. The five areas measured are energy consumption, transport, food, other consumption and investment. For example, when you ride a bike to work, you can see what changes this is making to your carbon footprint.

In your dashboard you have a complete view of how sustainable your lifestyle is (or not). For many, it makes little sense to talk about saved kilograms of CO2, so Aurora also makes comparisons with more specific units. For example, how many loads of laundry you saved.

Your ambitions for Aurora Sustainability are great: “We will be the community for everyone who wants to make a difference. Those who don’t want to wait for politicians to make all the decisions, but rather make concrete choices in their daily lives. There are enough people here to make a big difference here and now, ”says Laity.

The Aurora Community is a Miris initiative. the disruptive, greentech, real estate company.

Join the Aurora community on Facebook, Instagram South Africa and Instagram Norway and take the quiz here.

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