‘Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: The way to Enter a Con’ Full Solid Checklist: Meet Candace Cameron Bure, Niall Matter, Marilu Henner, and different stars

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How to Con a Con appears in this latest installment of the Aurora (Candace Cameron Bure) franchise near home. When one of the real estate clients of Aurora’s mother Aida (Marilu Henner) is murdered, Aurora and her fiancé Nick (Niall Matter) set out to solve the murder.

Here are the cast and crew for the latest installment of the Hallmarks Mystery franchise.


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“Aurora Teagarden: How to Con a Con” stars Candace Cameron Bure and Niall Matter (Hallmark)

Candace Cameron Bure as Aurora

Candace Cameron Bure has certainly come a long way from her days as DJ Tanner on ‘Full House’. The child star, who grew up in front of millions of fans, is now a mother of three herself. The circle of life literally came full circle when she recently followed in DJ Tanner’s footsteps again on the Netflix original ‘Fuller House’. Not only is Bure known as a producer and bestselling author, he also starred as Summer van Horne on Make It or Break It. From 2015 to 2016 she co-hosted the daytime TV talk show ‘The View’ and also demonstrated her dancing skills on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ where she took third place. In addition to playing Aurora Teagarden, Bure is a Hallmark regular and has appeared in several of the station’s films.

Candace Cameron Bure plays Aurora Teagarden in “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How to Con a Con” (Hallmark)

Niall Matter as Nick

Niall is perhaps best known for his roles as Zane Donovan in Syfy’s “Eureka” and as Evan Cross in Syfy’s “Primeval: New World”. However, his earlier actors include an important recurring role as emergency doctor Peter Cutler in the Canadian drama “Remedy”. He also starred in the independent feature film “Chokeslam” with Amanda Crew and Michael Eklund and in “Ally Was Screaming” with Camille Sullivan. Matter also had major recurring roles in “Melrose Place” and “90210” by The CW. Matter was previously featured in the original Hallmark Channel films “Stop the Wedding” and “Frozen in Love”. Niall also played Nick in the last three episodes of ‘Aurora Teagarden Mysteries’.

Candace Cameron Bure and Niall Matter star in “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” (Hallmark)

Marilu Henner as Aida

Marilu Henner’s nickname ‘Perpetual Motion’ is well deserved. Marilu has starred in over thirty films, six Broadway shows, and two classic sitcoms titled “Taxi” and “Evening Shade” in her illustrious career. The five-time Golden Globe nominee is also a New York Times best-selling author of ten books on health, parenting, memory and lifestyle improvement. As one of only twelve people documented with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, Marilu was the subject of a three-part special on ’60 Minutes ‘and ’60 Minutes Australia’. Marilu’s acting career continues to thrive – this awesome memory probably helps! Henner’s as many “Two and a Half Men” fans may remember Ashton Kutcher’s love interest on the show. Henner also had a recurring role on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. She is also a regular at Hallmark and some of her other Hallmark films include “Love on a Limb”, “Hitched for the Holidays”, “June In January” and “High School Holiday Reunion”.

Marilu Henner plays in “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” (Getty Images)

Other actors

The other stars of Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How to Enter a Con are Lexa Doig and Dylan Sloane.


“Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How to Con a Con” is directed by Tony Dean Smith and written by Teena Booth. Candace Cameron Bure is co-executive producer with Jim Head, Joel Rice, Shawn Williamson and Michael Prupas.

“Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How to Con a Con” will air on Sunday, March 14th at 8pm / 7pm on the Hallmark Channel. You can catch the trailer below.

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