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Biden will sign 15 executive actions on the first day

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to sign 15 executive measures after taking office on Wednesday, immediately reversing key Trump administration policies. Why It Matters: The 15 measures, targeting issues like climate change and immigration, mark more drastic immediate steps compared to the two-day measures taken by the four predecessors of Biden put together, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki. Get smarter and faster with the news reading CEOs, business owners and top politicians. Sign up for the Axios newsletter here. What they say: The actions are the first of many, Psaki said in a press release as Biden works to “address the four crises he has planned” – COVID-19, the economic crisis, racial injustice and climate change. * “In the coming days and weeks, we will announce additional executive measures to meet these challenges and fulfill the presidential elections’ promises to the American people,” said Psaki, “including lifting the bans on military service by transgender Americans and reversing the Mexico – City Politics. “Highlights * Move to the Paris Climate Agreement * Call for Department of Education to extend student loan relief * Order executive to revoke approval for Keystone XL pipeline * Re-entry into World Health Organization * Call on CDC to Extend eviction restrictions “immediately” * Reversal of Trump’s travel ban in several Muslim-majority countries * Temporary cessation of oil and gas leasing in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge * An initiative to promote racial justice in federal policymaking. Moving on: See the full list. Support safe, intelligent and sensible journalism. Sign up for the Axios newsletter here.

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