Based on the Aurora police chief, the officer was fired for paying unauthorized additional time

Aurora police chief Vanessa Wilson said she fired an officer for saying his supervisor paid overtime after the supervisor told him he couldn’t get on for the time.

Wilson said Monday that she fired Officer Jordan Odneal, who applied for payment to complete an online training course on June 4th and 7th. In the entries in the automated planning system, he stated that, according to a statement from the department, his manager had given the OK for the payment.

But his supervisor told Odneal the payment was not authorized, Wilson said.

The Internal Affairs Bureau investigated the case, which was examined by a Disciplinary Review Board and the Independent Review Board. The boards found that the officer had violated three departmental guidelines and recommended that he resign.

Wilson said she fired Odneal Friday after reviewing the case and recommendations.

“On the first day of our academy, we teach our officers the basic values ​​of duty, honor and integrity. With our New Way plan, we added the important pillar of accountability, ”said Wilson. “Officer Odneal’s actions have diminished those values.”

Odneal joined the Aurora Police Department in 2011. His last assignment was as a patrol officer. He can appeal his dismissal to the Aurora Civil Service Commission.

The Aurora Police Association has not returned a request for comment.

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