Best places to live: Aurora

Despite being only 16 years old, Aurora’s sophomore, Carmen Courtad, has spent most of her life giving back to her suburb.

Carmen Courtad, 16
Second high school

I’ve lived in Aurora all my life. Everyone lived in Aurora on my father’s side. How he talks about Aurora and how much it has changed is really interesting to me to see how much people have changed. The city itself has gotten a lot bigger.

When I was younger, my neighbors and I ran a lot of lemonade stands. We did them once a month in the summer. We had a small picnic table and a couple of chairs. It was always really fun to put up signs and yell for the cars to get lemonade and talk and have that connection with other people that I wouldn’t normally see.

Everyone is always ready to help people and support one another. Everyone supported me during the pandemic with my Hoops for Hope fundraising campaign. Even people I haven’t heard from in a while contacted me afterwards and said they would want to help in the future.

When a camp for the homeless in Kent burned down, the people of Aurora were so amazing, very quickly. We had enough money to fix them and buy new tents and sleeping bags.

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