Biden and Harris’ New Merch contains designs by Aurora James and Gabriela Hearst


The flowers on Jill Biden’s white dress are much more than pretty embroidery

The flowers on Dr. Jill Biden’s individual Gabriela Hearst look should be recognized as much more than just a pretty detail. When our first lady attended the White House evening housewarming, Celebrating America, she guessed a designer she had previously worn (and recycled!). Gabriela Hearst created the fringe dress she wore at Joe’s first presidential debate in 2020. But the custom made ivory cashmere coat, silk wool dress, leather gloves, and matching face mask she picked on such a historic day are perhaps even more remarkable. You see, Hearst not only embroidered bouquets of flowers over all of these items because they’re beautiful, but also to represent the federal flowers from every state in the United States. Hearst also runs a sustainable company that is committed to designing processes that do not harm the environment. So the flowers are also a greeting to nature, which the new government wants to preserve. (Biden has already rejoined the Paris Agreement and ordered monitoring of the social costs of carbon.) The color white, like purple, is linked to the women’s suffragist movement, which is why Dr. Biden’s coordinates were a proud reminder that January 20th was a day of progress for women everywhere. Biden completed her look with pointy two-tone pumps that were supposed to accentuate the sheen of the flowers on her outfit. Jill yesterday with her two ensembles – including the Swarovski-encrusted set from aspiring designer Markarian that she picked for the swearing-in ceremony – reminded us of just how much fashion can say about a person’s values. Your style memos have been duly noted. Related: The Biden-Harris administration wore historically significant outfits on the day of inauguration

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