Calman 2021 with AutoCal for 2021 LG OLED, ‘Aurora Color Engine’ released

Portrait Displays has released the new Calman 2021 software for TV and monitor calibration. It has support for 2021 LG TVs, a new ‘Aurora Color Engine’ and more.

Calman 2021 software

Calman is one of the most popular software solutions for display calibration. Version 2021 contains various new functions. The full changelog has been inserted below. – “The Aurora Color Engine is the biggest upgrade to Calman since AutoCal,” said Tyler Pruitt, technical evangelist for Portrait Displays. “We are very pleased that we can always offer Calman users the latest color technologies.” To get started, you need the Calman software, a supported measuring device (for measurements on the display) and a pattern generator (to generate the required test patterns). either an external generator or the built-in patterns in supported televisions.

A meter measures the display and sends inputs to the Calman software

Automatic calibration of televisions

In recent years, more and more high-end televisions have received support for Calman AutoCal. The automated calibration process makes it easier and faster to calibrate televisions. Look for TV models that are “Calman Ready”. Also Read: Philips 2021 High-End OLED and LCD Televisions to Support Calman’s Automatic Calibration The 2021 update from Calman includes support for LG, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic televisions for 2020 and earlier, as well as AutoCal -Support for 2021 LG TVs. Support for 2021 TVs from other brands is expected to be rolled out later. For consumers, Calman Home is available in separate versions for LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony televisions. each version for $ 145. The full Calman Ultimate professional software package is available for $ 2,995.

Calman 2021 – changelog

New Features: – Added support for Aurora Color Engine. For details see below (all license levels with 3D LUT support) – New option to insert patterns added, with which a patch is inserted based on the number of patches for the temperature stabilization of the panel measurement (under Options for the application measurement) – Calman Ready AutoCal support added for LG 2021 series TVs (Alpha 9 G4 OLED C1, G1, M1, R1, Z1, LCD QNED99, QNED95, NANO99, NANO95) – Pattern generator support for LG 2021 series TVs (Alpha 9 ) – Added support for Calman Ready AutoCal for LG PRO OLED Studio TVs – Added new ASUS HDR monitor calibration workflow – Added ability to lock design mode for custom workflows – Sorted display-specific EDRs for the C6 separated from general EDR lists should be. All display-specific EDRs are at the end of the list. The new C6 EDRs include Samsung QLED 2020, OLED TV 2019, 2020, 2021, Apple iPhone OLED, iPad Pro 2018 2020, Dell UP3221Q, LG HU810 / AU810 Laser PJ and FSI XM311K, Sony BVM-HX310 Aurora Color Engine Details: – Completely new color engine developed from the ground up using the latest color science research – Next generation Unity Grayscale technology for neutral 3D LUT spline bypass when using a 1D LUT + 3D LUT for calibration – New The 3D LUT technology reduces or eliminates posterization and banding. – Improved MatrixLUT formula for calibration. – Added new patch set with 13pt fixed grid options. – Support for these patch sets: (MatrixLUT, LightningLUT, 9pt, 13pt, 17pt, 21pt.) Aurora does not support IRP Displays supported by the Color Engine: – Displays supported by LG (selection of Calman displays): 2018 Alpha 9 C8, E8, G8, W8, 2019 Alpha 7 G2 NanoCell, 2019 Alpha 7 OLED B9, 2019 Alpha 9 G2 OLED R9 Z9 W9 W9S E9 C9 NanoCell SM99, 2020 Alpha 7 G3 OLED B. X, LCD NANO090 NANO085, 2020 Alpha 9 G3 OLED CX GX WX ZX, LCD NANO99 NANO097 NANO095, 2021 Alpha 9 G4 OLED C1, G1, M1, R1, Z1, LCD QNED99, QNED95, NANO99, NANO95, LG PRO OLED – Dell Supported Displays (selection of Calman displays ): Dell – UltraSharp UP3221Q 3D-LUT (USB) (SDR / HDR) – Displays supported by Asus (selection of Calman displays): Asus – ProArt monitors 3D-LUT (SDR / HDR, if supported by the display) – BenQ supported Displays (selecting the Calman display): BenQ – PV270 / SW270C / SW271C / SW321C (SDR) Fixed issues: – The problem reported by Beta has the automated sources Settings removed to prevent user source settings from being overwritten when going through Samsung Autocal or an AutoCal workflow at home. – Fixed beta The reported problem when going back (clicking “BACK”) from some home workflow pages causes some diagrams / data from the previous pages to disappear. – Fixed beta issue that some files were not updated when upgrading from Calman 2020 R2. – Fixed beta issue where FILMMAKER and FILMMAKER HDR modes w not set properly for LG 2021 A9 displays – Fixed beta issue with LG LCD SDR calibration recommendation. Updated workflow and instructions to suggest a full-screen sample window – Fixed beta issue for incorrect SDR targets for LG workflows – Fixed compatibility issue with Photo Research PR-788, which was introduced with the latest FW update – Fixed issue with which the prompt to save was displayed behind the sample window – display specific Professional workflows now use the DEITP AutoCal formula by default. – Fixed a critical bug with Dell UP3221Q SDR calibrations. – Fixed connection issues for LG TVs on non-English devices. Known issues: – An error message is displayed afterwards during the Dell UP3221Q calibration for SDR presets S5 and S6 Completion. The data is uploaded correctly, but if s5 and s6 are in a larger sequence, the error will stop the sequence

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