‘Catnapper’ wipes cats off the porch of the Aurora

AURORA, Colorado (KDVR) – You’ve heard of porch pirates stealing almost everything, but rarely is a catnapper caught on camera stealing a cat from a porch.

It happened in Aurora on Sunday.

Vickie Madrid says she realized something was wrong when her adult cat named Buttercup didn’t show up for dinner.

“He’s usually right here. It’s so bizarre, ”said Madrid.

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Madrid says the cat showed up on their doorstep years ago and kept it when its owner could not be found.

When she couldn’t find him on Sunday night, Madrid said she had decided to check out her doorbell footage. She was shocked at what she saw.

The video clearly shows a man walking to the veranda of Madrid. The man bends down and wipes the cat out from under a bench. He runs to a getaway vehicle.

“It made me sick. Even if I look at it now, my stomach gets sick. It’s just cruel. Who is doing this? “Madrid said.

It turns out that cat burglars also had a craving for milk.

The same man was caught on camera elsewhere in the neighborhood stealing a Royal Crest milk cooler from one house, along with a package from the front of another house.

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“It’s like you’re on a joyous ride with Bonny and Clyde. Who does it? “Asked Madrid.

Each time the suspect jumps into a blue-green or green SUV, likely a Chevy Equinox.

Madrid say she has no idea why anyone would want to run away with her cat but now he’s gone. She can only hope and pray that her beloved buttercup will somehow come back.

“He found us once and I just pray that he can find us again. I hope so, ”she said.

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