Chris Kennedy, High Field Hand out groceries to seniors in Aurora

AURORA, IL – Former Illinois gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy visited Aurora Wednesday to hand out boxes of groceries and to mark the successful start of a partnership with the city.

Top Box Foods, founded in 2012 by Chris and Sheila Kennedy, launched an initiative with the city of Aurora last month that, according to a press release, has given more than 1,000 food boxes to 250 residents in low-income communities.

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Residents in five parts of the city, mostly made up of single mothers and seniors, have received boxes of fresh produce and meat every two weeks since the beginning of September, thanks to the city’s partnership with Top Box Foods.

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“We have parts of our community that need extra food but don’t have the resources to participate in other outreach efforts,” Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin said in the press release. “Kennedy and his team have helped us tackle food insecurity and the inaccessibility of food for those most in need. These are often the same populations that are disproportionately affected by diabetes, high blood pressure and even COVID-19.”

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