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Fauci warns of a “setback” in the COVID fight after a brutal polar vortex

Leah Millis / Reuters As states across the country continue to grapple with the aftermath of a deadly polar vortex, senior health officials in Biden are concerned that the day-long emergency will also lead to an increase in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths over the weeks Over the past few days, senior government officials have been trying to put together a federal response to the winter emergency, particularly in Texas, but also in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and other northwestern and southern states. As part of that response, the White House, Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) coordinated the shipment of 60 generators, meals, blankets, water, diesel, and other life-saving items to Texas. President Joe Biden has endorsed emergency statements in several states and has spoken personally with dozens of local and state officials in Texas to see what more can be done to help those in need. Beyond assessing and managing the obvious risks associated with no power, water, or access to reliable health care, administrative officials are working to understand the full extent of the COVID-19 problems caused by the storm, including vaccination site closings in more than six states and the delay in shipping nearly 6 million doses of vaccine. Officials say their biggest fear is that increased transmission between people gathering indoors to find warmth will result in new cases at a time when vaccination in the state is slowing down due to weather conditions. The state should drastically expand vaccination before the storm by establishing a mass vaccination site in coordination with Pentagon and FEMA officials. The staff responsible for setting up the site were late reporting to Texas due to the snow. “Look at the patterns of hospital admissions and deaths. They were going really dramatically in the right direction. I just hope we get back on our feet and I think we will, ”said Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Officer of President Joe Biden, in an interview on Friday. “This is a setback. We have to keep doing all we can – doing the same things that we did that we know will work. I know this is difficult. If you are not home because the pipes were blown, you and your family will freeze and you may need to go to the shelter. Obviously, this is not an optimal way to prevent the spread of disease. But hopefully this will be fixed quickly. “Officials are also concerned that the local situation, particularly the lack of water and electricity in hospitals, especially in rural communities, will result in the deaths of those who were already in need of virus care. A senior Biden official said there was no reliable way to track COVID-19 cases and deaths in real time, but he expected the Texas state health department to post both COVID-19 deaths and others in the coming weeks Storm-causing deaths reported. CDC steps up tracking of virus variants after months of flying blind “It can take weeks, sometimes months, for these deaths to reach the federal government database,” said a senior Biden official. “But we are likely to see a number of deaths from hypothermia and carbon monoxide and deaths related to COVID. The question will be whether these COVID deaths were due to a lack of electricity or for explainable reasons. “Transmission concerns arise at a time when the Biden government is working overtime to control the spread of COVID-19, in part by ramping up vaccination. More than 73 million doses have been sent and around 58 million administered. And Biden’s government recently signed additional contracts to ensure the cans continue to flow faster in the months ahead. However, the emergence of new, more deadly variants has made these efforts difficult, although there is some evidence that vaccines continue to offer protection against them. It is forcing health officials to double the call for stricter American public health compliance – the same ones officials have been pushing for more than a year – to reduce transmission. “The continued proliferation of variants that are more transmissible could jeopardize the progress we’ve made over the past month … if we lose our vigilance,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at a news conference on Wednesday. “We’re not where we believe current vaccination levels are lowering current disease levels. We believe that much of the flare-ups were related to the holidays and travel. We’re getting off of it. I would articulate very loudly that we should not be resting in this comfort if you are relying on our current vaccination levels rather than the other mitigation measures to get us to stay low. “The winter storm emergency has struck senior officials in the Biden administration and they will again face an uphill battle to control the spread of the virus as they began to make progress. They are trying to avoid a situation where states have to force residents back inside, reducing the capacity of restaurants and gyms. In the US, the pandemic is “by no means” under control – community broadcast numbers are increasing across the country high to reduce public health action. “When you have as many background infections as you did a month ago when we get 300,000 new infections a day, it’s nearly impossible to do efficient identification, isolation, and contact tracing,” said Fauci. “Once the infection base is really low and more and more people are being vaccinated, you can begin to gradually withdraw from some of the tough public health measures. And when I gradually pull back I mean that restaurants are starting to open, increasing the capacity that they open … outdoor sports and spectators watching it. We have to do this gradually instead of saying, “Okay, the numbers have gone down. Let’s just turn everything back on. “Fauci said that is exactly what happened during the Trump administration last summer – the country reopened before the transfer was under control.” There is a dynamic of outbreaks they have when they accelerate on the way up self-expanding dynamics of more and more cases, ”he said. “If you turn the swing in the opposite direction, the same thing happens the fewer people are infected.” Even if the US gets the broadcast under control, there is always the possibility that new variants will emerge as they emerge. An even bigger threat, Fauci said, “What I’m concerned about is that even if we are a very, very one Reach significant suppression of baseline virus levels in the United States and the virus is still raging in the US For the rest of the world, usually developing countries that do not have the ability or the resources to vaccinate, there will always be danger that new variants are added and essentially bypass the protection of the vaccines, ”said Fauci. “It’s a global pandemic. And the only way to fight this is global, because otherwise there will always be a sword of Damocles hanging over us. “” What if I die here? “: The Panic of Texas COVID Patients Running Out of Heat, Read More At The Daily Beast Get Our Top Stories In Your Inbox Every Day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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