Colorado Lifeguard Bottlenecks Impact Pool Hours, Delayed Opening Dates – Aurora, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado – Due to the shortage of lifeguards across the state, some cities are forced to postpone pool and lake openings to accommodate business hours.

On Wednesday, Boulders Scott Carpenter Pool was busy and looking forward to the cooler Colorado. The kids jumped in the pool and played pool basketball but not all facilities were available. The lazy river was locked in the pool because there weren’t enough guards to keep people safe.

Jonathan Thornton, a spokesman for Boulder Park and Recreation, said he was facing some tough decisions like adjusting pool hours and delaying the opening of the Spruce Pool.

“We don’t have enough guards to keep all pools full,” said Thornton.

Due to a lack of lifeguards, the South Boulder Recreation Center and North Boulder Recreation Center will be closed on weekends until the city can recruit staff.

“We want to have about 100 to 120 guards operating all of the pools, but now we have about two-thirds of them,” says Thornton.

Ian Crittenden started working for Scott Carpenter Pool at the age of 15. He says more guards are needed to keep everyone safe as the number of visitors increases.

A spokesman for Aurora Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces said there was a shortage of 100 guards this summer. She says the opening times at the six pools will be affected. The Utah indoor pool is also closed on weekends so these guards can help out with the outdoor pool.

Loveland Parks and Recreation lost about 30 guards and delayed the opening of Lake Loveland. Originally planned for the beginning of June, it is now approaching the end of the month.

“Twenty guards are not enough for three facilities. Right now it’s really difficult to keep two facilities open, ”says Loveland Parks and Leisure Manager Lian. William says.

Experience has shown that the city pays Boulder Lifeguards $ 12.32 to $ 15.30 an hour, Aurora more than $ 12.50 and Loveland pays $ 12.32 to $ 17 an hour. The wages listed on the online application are different from the wages offered by the speakers in each city. Thornton said he would pay $ 13 an hour, Williams would pay $ 13.25, and an Aurora City spokesman would pay $ 14 an hour.

“We are seriously considering increasing these entry-level salaries to be more competitive,” said Williams.

She is also considering paying for the cost of obtaining the lifeguard certification so she doesn’t have to pay out of pocket.

Thornton said he was also considering incentives, but added that it would be difficult to raise additional funds. He says the city has already lost its potential interests as it has to cancel swimming lessons to use these guards in the pool.

Both Williams and Thornton admit they disapprove of higher-paying fast-food restaurants and other employment opportunities. They believe that this is in part why they have so many vacancies.

Lifeguards are being trained in Boulder and Loveland, and both cities say they will continue to accept applications until all positions are filled.

To apply for a job as a lifeguard at Boulder, click here To apply for a job at Labrand, click here. To apply for a job in Aurora, click here.

Lifeguard shortages during the opening hours of the Impact Pool in Colorado, opening dates delayed

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