Construction of the Kärcher headquarters in Aurora completed


Construction of the new North American headquarters of Kärcher at 6398 N. Kärcher Way in Aurora has been completed. Ware Malcomb, an award-winning international design firm, provided architecture, interior design, civil engineering and land surveying services for the project.

The developer for the project is SunCap Property Group and the general contractor for the project is Brinkmann Constructors.

Kärcher, the world’s leading provider of cleaning technology, consolidated its manufacturing facilities in Englewood, CO and Camas, WA to create a new 380,000 square meter, bespoke headquarters with around 275,000 square feet of warehouse, R&D and manufacturing space along with 100,000 square meters of office space on a 23 hectare site. The new facility is located in the Porteos development near DIA.

“This new state-of-the-art facility is designed to enable Kärcher to operate more efficiently, optimize manufacturing and production capabilities, and improve customer experience – while positioning the company for future growth,” said Matt Chaiken, principal of Ware Malcomb’s Denver office. “We worked closely with Kärcher to ensure that every element of the project – from the civil engineering and land survey process to architecture and interior design – met the company’s immediate requirements and specifications as well as its long-term goals,” said Chris Strawn. Director of the Denver Civil Engineering Office for Ware Malcomb.

The interior of the building features a large, open three-story staircase with decorative linear lighting and cable railings. A gray color scheme with bright yellow accents is used in public areas and architectural lighting, reflecting the corporate colors of Kärcher and the color of the devices manufactured by the company. The design team procured materials that were structured in nature to add another dimension to the interior. A furniture glazing system was used in the fronts of offices and conference rooms which helped keep construction on schedule and on budget, while also providing future flexibility.

The outer shell of the building consisted of one-piece insulated, varnished foldable concrete slabs with visualizers. Shop windows and curtain walls were also used for the office area. The exterior used the same colors as the interior to reflect the Kärcher trademark, including a yellow parapet cap.

The civil engineering and land surveying services for the 23 hectare site were carried out with balanced earthworks through the planning and drainage planning together with the associated parking lots, loading areas, lanes and the supply services required for the building. A subdivision plat was also prepared by Ware Malcomb’s land survey team. Water quality was provided on-site in a pond designed at the southern end of the project to meet the city’s needs for current and future expansion and connected to the area’s regional detention center.

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