Coroner identifies a young person who was killed within the parking zone of the Aurora restaurant after an argument over chilly meals

AURORA | Arapahoe County’s Coroner Office identified a teenager who was shot dead last week while trying to end a fight in an Aurora parking lot when Rudy Arguello Rios, Jan.

Aurora police said Arguello Rios was in the parking lot of Mariscos El Rey restaurant 2 on E. Iliff Ave just before 8 p.m. on December 22nd. 10293 shot. According to court records, he died less than an hour later in a local hospital.

A medical examiner made it clear that the death was considered murder. Arguello Rios was shot once in the left side of his chest, according to court records. The bullet hit an artery and one of his lungs.

Investigators have accused 28-year-old Jacqueline De Paz of killing Arguello Rios.

According to a press release, police initially said “a disruption in the parking lot” had triggered the shooting. An affidavit filed against De Paz found that she, Arguello Rios, and several others were involved in a hand-to-hand brawl outside the restaurant after a group of guests complained that their food was cold and they complained refused to pay their bill.

Police believe De Paz and several others, including several children, berated a waitress at Mariscos El Rey 2, claiming an open door made her meals too cold to eat. The group then left the house without paying. At this point, the waitress and other guests who witnessed the encounter – including Arguello Rios – followed the group into the parking lot.

Several witnesses said the group of nearly a dozen people started beating and fighting each other nearby. At some point during the Fracas, De Paz pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Arguello Rios as he bent down to help a person injured in combat, according to Aurora detectives.

De Paz could be heard in video recordings in which the affidavit read: “Back the f *** up … I now have the strap”. Arguello Rios tried to tear the gun away from De Paz when it shot him from an indefinite distance, detectives and coroners wrote in the court documents. She then fled the area in a black Mercedes vehicle.

The waitress involved in the dispute “described (Arguello) Rios as a peacekeeper who yelled at others to stop being rude and respectful,” the affidavit reads.

Aurora detectives used driving data, social media profiles and videos recorded by witnesses to identify De Paz as a suspected shooter. She was arrested two days after Arguello Rios died after a traffic obstruction in Northern Aurora. She was sent to the city jail later that day.

De Paz was taken to Arapahoe County Jail on December 24, a city detention center official said. She remains incarcerated at the Centennial facility instead of depositing a $ 1 million bond.

De Paz appeared in court to be briefed on the charges brought against her at 1:30 p.m. today.

Police initially arrested her on suspicion of second degree murder, though prosecutors have since brought an additional crime charge and a pair of prosecutors who could increase her sentence if convicted, court records show.

De Paz is due for a preliminary hearing in court on January 28th.

Arguello Rios family members started a GoFundMe page to help cover teen funeral expenses. The site had exceeded its original target of $ 10,000 on Monday afternoon.

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