Cremated stays of an Aurora veteran who was stolen from his grieving widow’s house

AURORA, Colorado (KDVR) – A bizarre crime haunts the widow of an Aurora veteran.

Trisha Brisendine says her husband’s ashes were stolen from her home and now she is asking the thief or thieves to return them.

“It’s just a box. It has no monetary value, but it’s a box with my husband in it. Why would someone steal ashes? ” She asked.

Brisendine says her 62-year-old husband Dale passed away unexpectedly a few days after Christmas 2020, likely from a blood clot while Trisha was in Hawaii, where the two were moving.

The Fort Collins man says the father’s ashes were stolen from the porch in a package

Trisha rushed to Colorado.

She had just returned to Hawaii when she received a call that someone had broken into the house and stole Dale’s remains. She planned to bury Dale’s ashes during a funeral in March.

Brisendine believes the thieves somehow got their garage passcode. She also believes the person or those responsible are someone she knows because some other personal items of little monetary value have been taken away as well.

In addition to Dale’s remains, some of his military coins were also stolen from Desert Storm. He served in the military from 1977 to 1993.

Brisendine’s custom-made Indian motorcycle was stolen, as was an 80-inch television.

However, she says these items are all interchangeable. What she says she cannot replace is her husband.

“Bring back his ashes. What should I bury on March 22nd? His children need to be closed, ”said Brisendine.

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