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Desert Treasure OSRS Guide For Beginners

Aug 6

Desert Treasure is a quest that goes over the top to make it one of RuneScape's most highly-regarded quests. The wide variety of boss fights and challenges will keep you entertained for hours while learning about spellcasting in the process!

What Is OSRS Desert Treasure?

Desert Treasure OSRS is one of the most popular quests in RuneScape. The quest pits players against a series of unique bosses with varying abilities and approaches, meaning you'll have to be creative when tackling them all. Some are immune to certain spells while others carry an arsenal that ranges from melee combat techniques or ranged attacks - but there's always more than one way past each boss! A hint for early on in Desert Treasure OSRS would be amassing 400 cannonballs as they're essential for taking down some enemies later on so don't forget those before starting your journey through this epic adventure puzzler.

If you happen to be carrying diamonds, there is a chance that you will face conflict with level 95 Stranger. So make sure to have a teleport handy in case of need or even better pack an anti-poison just in case the dagger they carry has been poisoned! You could also avoid and bank your precious gems but it's best not to take chances when navigating dangerous terrain. Having enough OSRS gold would be very helpful too!

Desert Treasure OSRS Requirements

If you've been playing for a while, then this question is sure to be on your mind. The popular quest Desert Treasure requires high stats in order to take part, but don't worry. If you're experienced enough, there's still hope - depending on how many levels are between the level requirement and what you currently have it automatically adjusts accordingly so that even an expert can enter without stressing too much about their stats..

The highest stats you should have are 70 Magic, Attack, and Prayer. You could probably get away with having level 60 attack and magic if your prayer is also about level 50-60 but it would be better to consider being safe by keeping around 15 levels of prayer just in case anything goes wrong such as a player using an area effect spell on the ground causing high damage or getting killed from a monster that drains Prayer points over time.

OSRS Desert Treasure Rewards

You may have spent hours of your time, but this quest will be worth it. After all that hard work you'll get to experience the epic moment when you complete the goal and earn the rewards.

With that said, when you complete the Desert Treasure quest, in addition to 3 Quest Points and 20,000 Magic XP points - not only do you receive Ancient Magicks as well. You can switch between standard and Ancient Magicks spellbooks at any altar within the quest by praying there. This is a fast way of entering Jaldraocht Pyramid behind it should your Prayer have been depleted or if want to change back from using Ancients spells occasionally during combat for more powerful attacks!