Didi Chuxing has called off $ 1 billion acquisition of Aurora amid concerns from U.S. officials – The Information

After Didi Chuxing defeated Uber in China’s brutal hail war in 2016, he had an even more ambitious goal: to win the global race to develop the robot axis.

A year later, Didi tacitly signed a $ 1 billion deal to acquire Aurora Innovation, the high-profile self-driving car company led by Chris Urmson, a pioneer in the field who started Google’s autonomous car program called Waymo . Didi’s previously unreported blockbuster deal in 2017 to purchase Aurora – which is now worth $ 10 billion on paper but was a brand new startup at the time – would have redrawn the map of a key emerging industry. After US government officials raised concerns about national security risks, the two sides abandoned the deal, according to two people who were aware of it.

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