Elsy Studios reveals office renovation project in Aurora

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Elsy Studios, a full-service interior design company based in Denver, recently completed the refurbished office space of Weaver and Co. in Aurora. The 8,750 square meter warehouse serves as the headquarters for the 12 employees and shipping departments of the local medical device manufacturer.

The Elsy team used Scandinavian-inspired wood tones and shapes throughout the office.

“Weaver and Co. made a name for itself by improving the experience of people undergoing medical treatment a little. So it was an honor for us to design a space that would brighten up your team’s work day, ”said Campbell Lloyd, Senior Project Manager at Elsy Studios. “We were able to transform your previously dark and outdated office and warehouse into a welcoming, comfortable environment that allows employees to do their best work.”

The Elsy team took the vision and input straight from Weaver employees and used Scandinavian-inspired wood tones and shapes throughout the office, bathing them in light to warm up the industrial feel of the space. Cheerful colors are used throughout the room, with a special focus on different shades of blue – an allusion to the Weaver company logo.

Not only does the office reflect the company’s brand through the color scheme, but it is also personalized with artwork from Dan Weaver’s personal collection that adds character and personality to the space.

“We are very excited to have made these upgrades for our employees who have been instrumental in making our business what it is today,” said Dave Weaver, Founder of Weaver and Co. “Elsy Studios has been with us us in such a thoughtful, caring manner throughout the process. They were able to transform a well-used warehouse into a stunning new office space that will better support our team. We look forward to working with the Elsy team in the future too. “

Photos courtesy of Elsy Studios

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